Shorshe rui

Shorshe rui is a popular Bengali fish dish. It is very famous among the East Bengal folks. It can be best enjoyed with hot plain rice.

Shorshe Rui

Shorshe Rui

Shorshe rui is Rohu fish cooked in mustard oil.

Preparation Time: 8mins
Marinated Time: 15-16mins
Cooking Time:8mins

Shorshe Rui Ingredients

Shorshe Rui Ingredients


  • 4-5pieces of fresh fishes (Rohu)
  • Mustard and green chilly paste- 2tbs (large)
  • Curd- 1 ½tbs (large)
  • Mustard oil- 1tbs (large)
  • Turmeric powder- ½tbs (small)
  • Salt and sugar to taste


Take a bowl. Wash the pieces of fish nicely. Now, add mustard green chilly paste, turmeric powder, curd, salt, sugar and mustard oil. Marinate it well. Keep it covered for 15-16mins.

Take a baking bowl; pour the marinated mixture into it. Now, cook it into the microwave oven in the convection mode 170degree for 8mins.

Now, after taking it out from the oven, garnish it with green chilies and sprinkle some mustard oil on its top.

Serve hot with plain rice.

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